Borodino to Waterloo: Rayevsky’s Redoubt, the wounding of the Prince of Orange & d’Erlon’s attack

d'Erlon Diorama.
Prince Diorama.
Prince of Orange.
1815: French.
The Netherlands.
Bridgnorth castle.
1815 Waterloo - The Wounding of the Prince of Orange Diorama
Hanoverian Lüneburg Light Battalion casualty - and its origin as an Airfix WW1 soldier
A red-coated drummer from the 5th Line Battalion of the King’s German Legion
French infantry advancing
Part modelled: one corner of the Nassau square
A British horse artillery limber (from Ross’s battery) that has had a  horse wounded when attempting to move a gun and then run down the hill till stopped by more fire.

Wounded solders have naturally graduated towards it for more shelter from the French horses still transgressing the field
A Nassau officer standing in the man height Rye crop that dominated the Waterloo battlefield.
Dutch cavalry advance through the rye field
The battle site is full of wounded and dead soldiers & horses, and their equipment.  French riders find it hard to manoeuvre and here one is fouled by a limber as he tries to move backwards.
The Prince of Orange is rescued by two staff
This ‘battlefield debris’ shown :
a British horse artillery limber, French cavalry from earlier attacks (especially their horses), the red-coated 5th Line Battalion of the King’s German Legion and a few green coated casualties from the Hanoverian Lüneburg Light Battalion.